Monday, July 27, 2009



1. Sometimes your friends are deadlier than your enemies.
2. Cynicism is a prerequisite for success in the spy business.
3. Never sit next to anyone on a plane who is sweating profusely, talking to himself, and clutching a large, bulky item.
4. You have a better chance of surviving a disaster if you are evil, insane or both.
5. If you're country doesn't have a secret weapon, you can always steal one!
6. All secret weapons have cool code names.
7. the United States always wins!
8. Just when you think you've forgotten all about a former lover, he or she is accused of murder and becomes your client.
9. It takes a thief to catch a thief!
10. Female serial killers are much more common than in real life.
11. You can always count on maniacs to reappear in a sequel.
12. Serial killers always have a method to their madness.
13. There is no such thing as a minor surgery.
14. Bioengineered viruses always cause those infected to become homicidal maniacs, who eventually explode in a shower of blood.
15. There is never a simple "off" switch.
16. Sometimes it's not paranoia -- they really are out to get you!
17. Heroes always start out by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
18. Hitler did not die in his Berlin Bunker.
19. Nazis are very long-lived, and loads of them still exist today.
20. Nazis are no match for vampires or werewolves.
21. Anyone can be brainwashed to do anything.
22. Masters of the martial arts can kill with any part of their body -- any part!
23. Old KGB agents never die, they pop up now and then, nastier than ever!
24. Evil dictators are notoriously difficult to bump off.

Gannon, Blood, Bedlam, Bullets and Badguys, 2004