Friday, July 6, 2007



Cookies was a reflection of society, the survival of the fittest. We started off with 14 girls; then there were nine left and finally there were only four of us.

The most valuable thing I learned from Cookies is the way to deal with eight other women. Tune them out and do your own thing or you'll go insane.

Fate makes sure you will always get what you have worked for, though sometimes it may delay a payment or two.

Responsibility is bestowed on people with ability.

It is not pure luck that I got to stay in the band. I did most of the demos and was one of the major dancers in the group.

Recently I emailed a friend complaining about a salesperson at her boutique. She wrote back and said, "I am sorry but I am now in the third stage of cancer, so I will deal with the salesperson later on..." Alright, she wins.

The heaviest word in the world is spelled c-a-n-c-e-r.

My family went through a lot during the financial crisis of 1997. We moved from a big apartment into a tiny flat; my mom was pregnant; I was having my first period...

The crisis was my wake-up call to reality. Nothing will last forever. That is the first time I felt really insecure.

Love is fattening. If you gain weight, you are with the right guy.

Unrequited love is not romantic. You are just having an imaginary lover in your pathetic mind.

People seldom ask for advice. They only need reassurance.

(First person interview by Jan Leung,
HK Magazine, 6 July 2007)