Friday, March 21, 2008

HKIFF 08 第一擊:I'm not there

my first HKIFF film this year
and a memorable one indeed
this is the 1st time I "slept" with hundreds of people
when the film ended
instead of a sea of applause
I saw a sea of people yawning
everyone felt so "ressurected" when the lights turned back on
and I felt like puking when leaving the theatre (悶到嘔?!!!)

the Chinese title suggested that the film had 7 characters
but throughout the film I only spotted 6
dunno if the last shot of Bob Dylan (?) counted as the 7th?

Cate Blanchett outshined the rest
and had the biggest part
so convincing that you'd believe that she's the real deal
Heath ledger was quite good too
had a divorce scene
dunno if this triggered his own depression in some way
if you just want to catch Cate's performance
my tip is that you can get in an hour later

This was more like an experimental movie
with different storytelling styles and cinematic features
I think the director tried to write a poetry in film
there's even Arthur Rimbaud in it
so you could imagine how pretentious it was
the characters seem diversed
at least the director tried to give us the "many faces" of Bob Dylan
but actually they're just as annoyoing, drugged and egoistic
talking gibberish and can't think and walk straight
I simply don't think Bob Dylan would become this eternal music icon
if he was 1% like the film portrayed

I know a lot of people fantasize about the 60s and 70s
yet I wouldn't want to live in such a childish envt.
people throw knives and bottles at you
just because you changed your singing style
or they'd walk out of their marriage just
because her other half said something chauvinistic just to win a silly arguement

besides Cate
the best bit came from the Beatles impersonators
tonnes of girls chasing after them
which pretty much caught the essence of Beatlemania
nice one :D

and yes the songs were great too
but I don't need to be trapped for 2 hours to listen to a CD

In a nutshell: Great film for insomniacs