Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life of Pi

一個電影忠實地用影像演繹了一個紙上故事,算不算是一個出色的電影?--這是我在看完Life of Pi之後想起的問題。

我心中當然有答案:基本上,電影如果要改編一本小說,最後只能和我回家看小說的感覺打成平手,就不是一套出色的改編電影。(正如一個歌手現場唱到好似CD一樣,我不如回家聽CD --能帶給聽眾更高一層的視聽之娛,有唱片所不能及的現場震撼,才是一流的歌手,如Adele。)如果是一個初出茅廬的導演,還可以大有改進空間,Life of Pi是合格有餘的,影像瑰麗,3D恰到好處不泛濫,演員出色,改編得也算定當。但,這是曾經導過《色,戒》的李安,一個將張愛玲這十數頁小說拍出味道和更多層次的導濱,我就會希望得到更多,而不只是一套動畫化了的小說。

我承認,人心是貪心且不公平的,做得愈好,觀眾要求愈多。其實單是故事取材,李安每每已經高人一線,他總是能算到一些特別,而又很「李安」的故事:沉靜中有暗湧,主角每每要挖入自己最深層的自我,發現自己。當中水準有高有低,而Life of Pi只算是合格。它第一下已經蝕桌位,因為我為了決定是否入場看電影,預先看了小說概要,網上已經穿了大橋,不過這並非致命點,《色,戒》我也是看了小說,絲毫沒有影響我的興致,還入戲院看了兩次,因為它有許多導演夫子自道的舖排和詮譯。Life of Pi原本也有這個潛力,我一直想找人解給我聽,小說最後那句話:and so it Goes with God,以至那個海報Tag的意思,Believe--為何我相信了,就會相信上帝呢?我以為李安會有他的看法,至少那句對白由男主角口中說出來,我會有感動或者「叮」一聲的虛空體悟,但結果統統沒有,看完了仍是一頭霧水,而可能李安自己也一頭霧水,連帶令我覺得作者只是個亂搖幌子,實質對宗教一窺不通的扮野鬼佬作家。如果不是故弄玄虛,開了那麼大的頭,只純粹從Man Vs Wild的角度去看這個故事,反而更有意思和更能理解,由頭到尾,都是人心的問題,這些個案,弗洛伊德和榮格寫過很多。信仰當然有慰藉人心的作用,但李安沒有讓我弄明白這個故事跟神的關係,在哪一點?and so it Goes with God,跑哪兒去了?

至於3D,我很佩服李安的毅力和台灣團隊的實驗精神,但有Finding Nemo的珠玉在前,其實水這一環的3D就很不好做了,大家避得就避,這一下避無可避,就變成迎頭痛擊。Finding Nemo最成功的地方,是在於它是套動畫,但到現在我仍然相信我看到的是真的海,真的魚類,在台灣搭個水缸是敵不過人家的,包括技術水平,包括虛實交替的比重,有好幾次我在戲院裏,就是被那些假到無倫的平靜鏡面扯出了電影世界,一掌摑醒我這是一套虛構的戲,這是一個水缸,莫說還有阿凡達在前了,但宣傳文案卻舖天蓋地在推銷Life of Pi的特技,我覺得這其實是等於推李安和台灣的特技團隊去死,拔苗助長之舉,不可一,不可再!


Hitchhiker said...

There's no standard answer in belief. If you can accept the idea God is not just one standard entity and outlook, you can start thinking God is not absolutely the one above sky. God might only exist within human being, and might be just all the things inside you.

Hitchhiker said...

This movie is great, Ang Lee is great. There's more deeper things to discover beyound what we can see and hear from movie. How about watching it again with more your right part of brain, less left part? It's even better to blank out your brain, and see how the movie touch you.

v said...

Dear Hitchhiker

God is God. The movie is the movie. It just doesn't spell God to me from the beginning to the end, that's all. Just like we don't click with each other.

I got a lot of things from the story, which is mostly covered by the novel, but not this GOD part, and I didn't get more from Ang Lee neither. I'm sure it has a great chance to get an Oscar, though. I'm not one of the voters, you see.

And if you want someone to do something, like shut my brain down or watch the movie again or something, it helps a lot if you add "please" at the beginning of your sentence.

PS. Beyond is spelled without a u.

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